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  • A singular, dynamic character?

    This character should be cool, powerful, and brimming with personality. We're looking for uniqueness - a character that's not just different, but memorable and engaging.

  • Personality to Live

    Personality is the essence that breathes life into your character. It's what makes them relatable, intriguing, and memorable. When crafting your character's personality, think about their quirks, habits, and the subtle nuances that make them uniquely themselves.

    Are they witty, solemn, adventurous, or introspective? How do they react under stress or joy? Infuse your character with a personality that resonates with the audience, making every scene not just a performance, but a believable and engaging portrayal of a living, breathing individual.

  • Dressing Your Character for Attention

    Wardrobe is a powerful tool in storytelling. It's not just about clothing; it's about creating an identity. The right wardrobe choices can speak volumes about your character's background, lifestyle, and personality.

    Whether it's a sleek suit that screams power, a tattered coat that tells a story of struggle, or a vibrant dress that exudes confidence, every piece of clothing contributes to the narrative.

    Choose a wardrobe that complements the character's persona and the scene's setting, enhancing the authenticity and depth of your storytelling.

  • The setting is a crucial element!

    It should be a place that resonates with the character's essence, telling a story as vivid as the character itself. Think of it as the character's personal world, brought to life through your creativity.

  • Authenticity in Real Places

    Embrace the world around you as your stage. Real-life settings like restaurants, parks, museums, and bars provide a rich, authentic backdrop for your scenes. These places offer not just visual appeal but also a sense of realism that can't be replicated in a studio.

    When choosing a location, consider how it aligns with your character's story. Is it a cozy café that reflects a character's introspective nature, or a bustling street that mirrors their energetic persona? Utilize these real-world environments to add depth, context, and authenticity to your scenes, making them more relatable and engaging for the audience.

  • Perfecting Camera Angles

    The magic of AiHOST lies in its ability to integrate human performance with AI technology. A key aspect of this integration is ensuring that your face is always visible and recognizable to the camera.

    Pay close attention to your camera angles - they should capture your expressions and movements clearly, allowing the AI to accurately recognize and interpret your facial features. Experiment with different perspectives, but always keep your face in focus. This not only enhances the AI's ability to process the scene but also creates a more intimate and direct connection with your audience.

  • 3 videos (3 min each) from different camera angles

    Horizontal video, 4K is better, UHD is ok, audio perfection is not necessary, but clarity is key. Just move the camera for each video, good natural light is better.

    Iphone 14+ 4K or S23+ 4K works fine. Background noise should be minimal. Use wireless mics like earbuds to record a clear voice.

  • Clarity in Speech

    You have the freedom to express your character in any language, bringing a global dimension to your performance. Whether it's a monologue in French, a dialogue in Spanish, or a narrative in Japanese, your words can cross cultural boundaries. However, clarity is key.

    Peak with purpose and make sure to pause with your mouth closed. This not only aids in better understanding and AI processing but also adds a natural rhythm to your speech, making your performance more impactful and relatable.

  • Your Scene with Perfect Lighting

    Effective lighting is crucial for your scene's visual impact. Aim for natural light in early morning or mid-afternoon for a soft, authentic look. Ensure your face is clearly visible, whether using natural or professional lighting.

    Modern smartphones, especially recent iPhones and Samsungs, are great for various lighting conditions. If available, professional cameras enhance this further. Remember, clear lighting is key to highlighting your character and expressions.

  • The Soul in Your Acting

    Facial expressions, body language, and consistent eye contact with the camera are vital. Your acting should embody the character's traits and sync with the scenery, creating a harmonious and compelling experience.

  • Emotion Through Expressions

    Your facial expressions are a powerful tool in storytelling. Exaggerate them to help the avatar capture and replicate your gestures accurately.

    Express a wide range of emotions vividly; let your face tell the story as much as your words do. This richness in expression is crucial for the AI to understand and convey the character's emotions effectively.

  • Body Within Frame

    Center yourself on the shot, While expressing with your body, stay centered in the shot. Use hand gestures, head tilts, and shoulder movements to convey emotion, but avoid stepping out of frame.

    Importantly, never obstruct your face with your hands or any props. Keeping your face visible at all times is essential for accurate AI facial recognition and maintaining a connection with your audience.

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You make a Scene

Composed of 1 character, in a cool place, from 3 Camera Angles with clear audio. Just send the video and get the ok to quality standard.

Showcase on The Catalog

Clients come and pick to use you scene for comercial video pieces. Depending on the Pack the client gets more or less videos.

Get Paid by Video

Each pack collects money for you, if your scene is soo good that's selected for 100 videos, you collect money for those ussages each time.

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